• iPhone 5 is officially here! Got new app ideas for the new phone and iOS 6?
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    Testing your app for the first time is one of the most exciting moments in the app creation process. There’s nothing like seeing your app in action on your own iPhone for the first time. The only thing that might be more exciting is the day your app releases and you get your first download, but it’s a close call.

    There are two methods that developers will most often use to get the app in your hands to test:

    1. Ad Hoc Sharing (.ipa)
    2. Full Source Code (.xcodeproj)

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    If you’re like most people the first thing you’ll want to do once you come up with an idea for an iPhone app is get it in the App Store as soon as possible.

    But before you start looking for a developer to create your app you need to come up with a business model that suits your goals.

    By doing this you’ll figure out what money strategy best suits you, while also being prepared to answer a lot of questions the developers will have for you and avoid causing delays in the creation of your iPhone app.

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    I have used Elance since the beginning when I created my first iPhone app, and though there are plenty of other great outsourcing freelance websites out there that I’ve talked about before, I continue to use Elance because I’m familiar with their system and I’ve had great success using it.

    So why change a good thing?

    There is definitely a right way to use Elance, and for first time users there are often lots of questions and unnecessary stress that come from wanting to create that perfect job post to attract the most bids or choosing the right contractor for a project.

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    You have the next million-dollar iPhone app idea, that’s great! So… how are you going to create it?

    This is one of my favorite topics and also the key to the entire process I use to create iPhone apps without knowing anything about programming or graphic designing.

    You don’t have to be a subject matter expert in order to see your ideas come to life, and today it’s easier than it has ever been to find the right people for the job using the internet and services like Elance.

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    Hiring a developer to create your iPhone app can be a tricky task. It gets even more complicated when you think you’ve hired that perfect developer with stellar reviews and the best bid, and it turns out to they doesn’t fully understand your app.

    What a doozy.

    Now your project is delayed and time that could have been spent in the App Store is instead wasted trying to explain the basic functions of your app to your developers.

    So how can you prevent this problem from happening to you? One way is by creating an awesome wireframe for your iPhone app.

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    I’m guessing most people who are reading this blog already have some sort of an idea for a great iPhone app, and like many of us just don’t know exactly how to go from a great idea to a great app.

    But there are those out there who don’t have a great idea yet and are having difficulties coming up with one. This post is for you.

    There are all sorts of apps out there and you can literally find an app for just about anything nowadays, which is why you may have heard the saying, “There’s an app for that.” If you look closely there are a couple common themes that can be found behind every successful iPhone app.

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